At Capstone Advisors, LLC, we respect the privacy of our clients and potential clients. We are committed to keeping confidential all personal and financial information collected in the process of determining the investment services best suited for your specific needs.

We collect only information that is necessary for us to provide services requested by you and to administer your business with us. We may request non-public personal information such as:


  • Name, address, social security number, assets, income and other information in order to complete investment policy statements and account applications.

  • Account numbers, account balances and other institutional information to perform account transfers and investment portfolio reviews.


We limit access to information to those employees or non-affiliated parties who have a business or professional reason for knowing and where permitted or required by law.


  • Capstone employees require this information for the daily conduct of our business.

  • Custodians/Trustees, such as TD Ameritrade/Schwab/Fidelity, in order to be able to execute trades on your behalf.

  • At the request of clients, Capstone may engage a proxy service to vote proxies on your investment account.

  • You may authorize Capstone to disclose your personal information with other professional advisers such as an accountant or lawyer.

  • In the event you are involved in a legal proceeding (e.g., civil lawsuit, divorce), Capstone may be legally required to provide personal client information.

  • Federal or State regulators may review firm records as permitted under law.


Capstone Advisors, LLC maintains security standards to protect your personal information – written, electronic or spoken.


Your personal information will be maintained as long as you are a client, and for the required time thereafter that such records are required to be maintained by federal and state securities laws. After this required period of time, all such information will be destroyed.