Investment Consulting

Investment Management

By assessing your unique goals and circumstances, we will develop a robust Investment Plan and Policy to guide you and us as we build and maintain your portfolio. We are not in the business of selling investment products, we are in the business of equipping you with the tools necessary to achieve your life goals. To achieve those goals, Capstone Advisors will help you implement and maintain a disciplined investment strategy using investment vehicles specifically designed for that purpose.

Retirement Planning

Using Monte Carlo simulations, we will perform a detailed retirement analysis of your current track for retirement and evaluate the steps needed to take to achieve the life of your dream. We will analyze your goals, assets, income, investments, taxes, etc. to develop a plan that you are confident in. We will continually evaluate your progress as you approach retirement and update the plan on a regular basis as life events influence your retirement goals.

Portfolio Allocation & Asset Location

We will construct a customized, evidence-based portfolio to help you achieve your life goals--a portfolio that aligns with your need, ability, and willingness to take risk. We maximize tax efficiency through asset location strategies to minimize tax consequences of your investment portfolio. Finally, as unpredictable life events occur, your goals and vision for your future may change; therefore, we will maintain a consistent line of communication with you to ensure that your asset allocation is appropriate given your needs.

Evidence-Based Investing

We implement an Evidenced-Based Investment strategy by investing in low-cost, broadly diversified funds and financial instruments, taking only the risk that is necessary so that our clients are able to effectively capture the returns the markets provide. By adopting the Evidence-based Investment Strategy as your prudent investment strategy, you won't have to waste time pursuing “alpha” as the elusive and costly Holy Grail of finance. Instead, you can focus your efforts on:

  • Defining and incorporating an appropriate amount of risk within your investments
  • Capturing as much of the market returns as possible given your risk tolerances
  • Minimizing costs that might otherwise detract from your returns
  • Maximizing tax-efficiency in the investment process
  • Periodically rebalancing your portfolio according to these guidelines
  • Spending your leisure time pursuing your life's interests, rather than trying to predict or react to every market fluctuation.
Learn more about Evidence-Based Investing here.

Portfolio Maintenance

After implementation, we periodically rebalance the portfolio to ensure the asset allocation remains consistent. We will make sure to understand all aspects of your life, being sensitive to whether your goals and objectives have changed from the original implementation of the portfolio.

Education & Ongoing Support

We will provide education and ongoing support to help you stay on track and maintain discipline in your life plan. You will have unlimited access to an advisor via e-mail, phone, or individual consultation at no additional cost.

Advanced Planning

Wealth Enhancement

Our on-site CPAs will help with tax bracket management and implement tax-efficient savings and withdrawal strategies to minimize your tax liability. We will also coordinate with your current CPA to ensure all aspects of your incomes taxes are being considered prior to executing any transaction. We can provide counsel on efficiently using your employer-sponsored Retirement Plan, Employer Stock Options, Deferred Compensation, etc. and effectively building that into your plan. Whether you’re considering a mortgage for the initial purchase of your home, or interested in refinancing, we will work side-by-side with you to analyze your mortgage opportunities to determine the option that is right for you.

Wealth Protection

We will utilize trusts to the extent they are necessary to protect your assets for the needs determined by you and your family. We can also evaluate your current insurance policies (Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Casualty/Umbrella & Annuities) to determine how they effectively fit in your long-term plan and where opportunities can be harnessed.

Wealth Sharing

We recognize that charitable giving may be an essential aspect of your financial well-being; we will spend time understanding your donative intents and utilize our specialists at BAM to find the most efficient manner to meet your charitable goals (Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Trusts, Private Foundations, etc.)

Wealth Transfer

We will begin by discovering your goals and objectives, in both life and death. We will work directly with you and your attorney to uncover your estate planning needs and ensure you have the appropriate estate documents in place to efficiently transfer your wealth. We will perform extensive planning for appropriate beneficiaries, special needs, multi-generational giving, and educational funding. When applicable, our CPAs can assist in maximizing lifetime gifting and generation-skipping opportunities. There may be opportunities or needs to establish trusts for beneficiaries & distribution rights. We will evaluate the need for these vehicles, so you don’t have to. We can also guide in the process of setting up living wills and medical directives.

Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management

We based our solution according to your needs—not our own. As a fee-only advisor, we are offered no compensation for recommending products or solutions. We use your needs and concerns to drive the solution that is right for you. We strive to do this by hearing your story, listening to your interests, discovering personal values and goals, and understanding relationships that impact you financially and emotionally.

Expert Relationship Management

As a member of the BAM Alliance, we have access to wide-ranging experience and expertise in estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, charitable planning, risk management and a host of other areas. As a clients of a BAM Alliance member firm, we are able to serve as the “quarterback” of your broader financial team.