What are your fees?

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, our annual fees are in accordance with a tiered fee schedule, based on total asset-under-management. The fee schedule includes initial portfolio setup, ongoing portfolio monitoring, advanced planning, and unlimited communication with us. You will never be charged extra for phone calls, e-mails, or individual consulting sessions. Furthermore, we accept no commissions or other incentives that may tarnish our unbiased advice to you. Our sole source of compensation is the fully transparent fee you pay us for the wealth management services we provide.

Do your advisors get paid via commission?

No. Consistent with our fee-only structure, our advisors do not receive commission in any form. All advisors at Capstone are paid on salary. As a fiduciary, we are required by law to act with undivided loyalty to you, our client. This includes being transparent in how we are compensated and eliminating potential conflicts-of-interest.

How are you different than the "Financial Advisor" at the big financial instituion down the road?

At Capstone, we hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard, the highest in the industry. This means we enthusiastically accept the legal responsibility and obligation to serve our clients’ best interests. Sadly, some financial advisors and financial planners do not hold themselves to this same standard as we do. Furthermore, we do not earn commissions on funds we recommend, eliminating potential conflicts-of-interest that may compromise advice given to you. All costs are clearly disclosed up front and provided in writing, so you know what you're paying without worrying about hidden fees. Finally, we invest our personal assets in the same funds we recommend to you because we strongly believe in the advice we deliver to our clients.

As a client, how often could I meet with you?

As our client, you determine how often we meet. Typically, we meet with our clients once or twice per year; however, if there are concerns or questions you have, our doors are always open. You are also free to call us or e-mail us with any questions, at any time, at no additional charge.

Who is BAM?

The BAM ALLIANCE is a community of more than 130 independent wealth management firms located throughout the United States, representing more than $33.0 billion of collective assets, united in belief and in practice that there is a better, more effective and more resilient way for investors and their families to safeguard their financial futures and realize their dreams. BAM Advisor Services is our back-office team that provides comprehensive support to our advisory team. BAM's services include marketing, administration, technical support and academic investment research. BAM's objective is to provide resources to us and fellow advisors, who understand and practice the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). BAM's turnkey asset management services allow us to devote our time to building relationships with you while outsourcing the backoffice operations.