Fiduciary Oversight

Overseeing the implementation of a high-quality employer-sponsored retirement plan is a significant responsibility. Your plan and processes are being observed, by various agencies and by your employees and it is important to the protect their interests and stay within the law. As your partner, we can share this fiduciary responsibility with you, implementing a disciplined process to better manage your obligations.

Retirement Plan Design

We take time to understand your objectives and coordinate the design of a retirement plan program that aims to provide your employees with the greatest value. We also aim to aid in balancing the administrative responsibilities inherent to managing a retirement plan benefit.

Investment Management

As your experienced partner, we will help you establish an investment strategy that fits the distinct needs of your organization and your employees. Our investment process includes: 1. Developing a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to serve as a blueprint for selecting and monitoring the plan’s investments, 2. Constructing a well-balanced investment lineup that offers broad diversification across asset classes and making recommendations based on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation process, and 3. Conducting quarterly investment reviews to ensure performance and expenses remain consistent with plan objectives and IPS criteria.

Vendor & Benchmark Search

With Capstone Advisors as your partner, we want you to select providers that most appropriately fit the specific needs of your organization and employees. We have built relationships with countless vendors that are free from proprietary complications and conflicts of interest.

Employee Education & Advice

What sets us most apart from the industry standard is our strong focus on providing employees with what will help them most in the long-term: advice to help them feel confident about decisions they make in pursuing financial goals and achieving what they want in life. Of course, retirement is an area of focus, but as independent financial advisors, we help employees understand their bigger financial picture through promoting holistic financial wellness.